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About us

Our “Boutique Company” Karma Kandles Pty Ltd (dba Coastal Funk) was founded on pure passion for excellent Products, Customer Satisfaction and Service.  We are a Husband and Wife team who moved to Yeppoon Queensland to enjoy the lifestyle, the tranquillity and peacefulness the Capricorn Coast has to offer.  We have expanded our Handmade Products, our Store, our Brands and Fashion Labels and intend to maintain our personal contact with all our Products to ensure our quality and personalised touch is maintained in everything we create and supply.

Since our humble beginnings we have organically grown from a home based business, to market stalls, into a storeroom in another retail location to fitting out our own little nook (then doubling in size) right on the Main Beach here in Yeppoon Queensland. Now, as requested, we are opening up our selections to the e-commerce world. We are actively involved on Social Media and support our Community Organisations, our Residents and other Businesses any way we can. We are continually changing, rebranding, morphing and reinventing ourselves as our market and custom diversifies and changes also.

It has been through the support of our locals and visitors that we continue to grow. We want ALL our customers to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience, to return to us AND our Community.  We are all individuals so we dare to be different too and therefore focus on offering unique “one off” items so you can explore and create your own look and feel.

We are not in this to get rich, or to become the next “big thing”.  We simply want to ensure our quality products remain just that, and our regular customers and our visitors to our community know they can count on us to bring them a little peace and relaxation...

We hope you enjoy visiting us here at Coastal Funk.

The “gift” is in giving.