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Luxe Linen Dress with Ruffles and Pockets

This dress has all the bells and whistles. Dress it up for lunch or dinner or throw it over your togs. Embellished with ruffled sleeves and ruffle neck and a big bonus...it has pockets!

A fantastic piece to dress up. This oversized one size fits all top is a flowy dream. Available for pre order in 30 colours. If not in stock,  add colour in comments. Orders can take 4-6 weeks due to covid.:

LINEN:White, sand, mocha, tan, natural, black, khaki, grey, pink check, raspberry check, lemon stripe, red stripe, pink stripe, navy stripe, blue stripe, navy, pale blue, raspberry, dust pink, pink, pale pink, lemon COTTON: blue check, olive check, natural check, jade gingham, natural gingham, mini navy gingham, navy gingham, mini pink gingham, nat white stripe

Size guide:

S - 10-12 tba

M - 12-14 tba

L - 14-16 126 cm around bust, 94 cm length

XL - 16-18 130 cm around bust, 94 cm length